Introducing iWatchiAm

Welcome to iWatchiAm.

My name is Olivia-Truffaut Wong. I am currently an entertainment writer living in New York City. After graduating with a  degree in Film Studies, I worked at as an Entertainment Writer, Critic, Reviews Editor, and Social Media Expert for two years.  I currently work as a Film Writer for

One thing that I have always made time for is Movie/TV.  I follow as many TV shows as possible, and try to go to the Movies once every few weeks, at least.  Excessive? Maybe, but I am put to shame by some of my fellow film-lovers.  If I could, I would go to the movie theater everyday…as long as there’s something good playing.

Here’s a little rundown of the genres I plan on exploring on this blog: I AM

Powerless to romance. Almost every film or show that I watch needs to have some sort of romantic element to it for me to become absolutely obsessed.  This is unless the film or show in question is a true work of genius.  But, in everything else that appear on my screen, I need to be able to see some romance.

Terrified of horror films.  I have only seen a few scary movies in movie theaters…and I don’t plan on going to many more in the future.  I try to tell myself that I am missing out on a very important genre, but I just can’t do it.  However, I do love psychological thrillers, and I could be persuaded to see a scary movie if it is relatively gore-free.

Enamored With Action. Yep, I love action movies.  And, yes, I do know that most of the action movies I love, avid fans of the genre probably hate.  Still, I do love superhero movies, so, I think that makes me pretty action packed! I like action that is fun, fresh, and hopefully with as little misogynist content as possible (I’m looking at you, Transformers 2).

Laughing on the inside.  As many of my friends can attest, I am not the best comedy viewer—my father tells me that I need to develop a better sense of humor, but I’m pretty sure he only says that because I don’t laugh at his jokes.  But, it is true that I do not laugh out loud easily, especially at gross-out comedy.

Dramatic.  This is the all-encompassing genre, containing films that leave me shaken, or sobbing, or uplifted…you name it, a movie or show has made me feel it.  I definitely tend to lean towards drama in my choice of television shows—including procedurals and sci-fi—and I connect more with dramas, so, I will most likely be writing a lot about them.


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