An Open Letter To The Writers Of ‘Jane The Virgin’ – Let’s Talk About Raf


Confession: I thought I would hate Jane the Virgin. The premise – a virgin gets artificially inseminated by accident – was just too wacky for me to wrap my head around, but I gave it a shot. It’s now one of my favorite new shows, along with Selfie (RIP) and How To Get Away With Murder. And, while I’ve gotten over the crazy premise (aforementioned), the larger-than-life characters (I’m looking at you, Rogelio) and the all too convenient coincidences (Raf is Jane’s babydaddy/boss/first kiss), one thing that I can’t get over is the ridiculous idea that Raf could actually be worthy of Jane, and here’s why:

1) Why did Rafael ever marry Petra?

Seriously, the girl has no redeeming qualities. Sure, Petra’s clearly skilled in the art of manipulation, but how did she manage to tame pre-cancer/playboy Raf? It’s gotta take more than some silky lingerie and well chosen words to get a rich Hugh Hefner wannabe to put a ring on it – just sayin’.

Follow up questions: Was Petra always a gold digger? Was her mother always in the picture, or did she something happen to her after the wedding? (Yes, these are more about Petra than Raf, but in my defense Petra is more of an extension of Raf than her own character.)

2) What is Rafael’s problem with Michael?

In last week’s episode, “Chapter 5,” Raf and Michael butt heads over Michael’s investigation into Raf’s hotel (surface) and Jane (subtext), but I couldn’t help but feel like something happened between them when we weren’t looking. I was willing to let it go – after all, the subtitles in that scene were genius and amazing and everything I could ever want out of life – but later in the episode when Michael and Jane announced their desire to share custody of the baby with single dad Rafael, Raf’s reaction seemed completely unreasonable. Raf was absolutely furious at the idea that Michael would be raising his child, which is just plain dumb. Michael has a good job, he loves Jane and Jane is, after all, the baby’s biological mother. Was he really expecting Jane to just hand over the baby to him, no questions asked?

Whatever the reason for Raf’s behavior, it’s making me doubt that he could ever really become a viable love interest for Jane. Yes, there’s an attraction there, but his outrage at the idea that Jane would want to share custody (GASP!) made him one of the least attractive hot men ever.

3) Why doesn’t he suspect Petra of killing his best friend, Roman Zazo?

Ever since the pilot, it’s been established that Raf hates his wife and wants a divorce, so why isn’t he the least bit suspicious of his wife after discovering she was sleeping with Zazo, who was killed in his hotel. Does he just not know they were together that night? Is he really under the impression that Petra is incapable of killing someone?

I want to like Rafael, really, I do. And, when he encourages Jane to write (awww) or stands up to Petra (booyah!), I really do. It also doesn’t hurt that Justin Baldoni, the actor behind Rafael, is 100% charming. Unfortunately, even Baldoni’s innate charm isn’t enough to make Raf a likable guy, so if the writers of Jane the Virgin really want to make Rafael someone worthy of our beloved Jane Villanueva, they have some work to do and some questions they need to start answering.


One thought on “An Open Letter To The Writers Of ‘Jane The Virgin’ – Let’s Talk About Raf

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