5 Reasons Why ‘The Mindy Project’ Is the Best

It’s been almost TWO whole weeks since the last new episode of The Mindy Project–and I’m slowly falling into a pit of despair without it. Thankfully, Hulu just uploaded the show’s entire Paley Fest panel, which has provided me with my Chris Messina fix.  After watching the panel, I was inspired to start watching the show from the beginning…again. Looking at the early episodes, I was reminded why I fell in love with the show in the first place, and I want to share those reasons with you. RIGHT. NOW.

1) Mindy Kaling, the creator/writer/star of the show, is fabulous.  Not only is she a trailblazer for women of color, but she also crafted a character who is desperately trying to be ‘the perfect woman’–and is constantly failing, making her someone you can relate to.  The character of Mindy may be cooler than you, it’s true, but she’s not so much cooler than you that wishing you were her will make you depressed (*cough* Serena van der Woodsen *cough*).  Plus, she’s hilarious and narrates her life…out loud…to strangers. Let’s face it–we’ve all wanted to do that at one point in our lives.

2) The show is grounded in a humorous examination of romantic comedies.  Not an episode goes by without an allusion to You’ve Got Mail or Sleepless Seattle (two of Mindy’s favorites), and it’s fun to see how the expectations movies inspire clash with Mindy’s reality in the show.  Like how going to the top of the Empire State Building or ice skating in Rockefeller Plaza is actually just a lot of waiting in line. Now I’ll know to cross those off my romance bucket list…

3) CHRIS. MESSINA. I have been totally in love with Chris Messina for a while–I mean, Julie & Julia, Away We Go–so seeing him every week has been a dream come true.  Plus, his character completes the ‘will they won’t they’ tension of the show, and I am praying for a Danny/Mindy hook up! (His handsome face doesn’t hurt either.)

4) Guest stars straight out of Saturday Night Live and The Office.

This happened:

And this:

Oh, and this:

Ok, not really, but Ellie Kemper totally guest stared in the Christmas episode, ‘Josh and Mindy’s Christmas Party,’ and it was beautiful and subtly sexual.

(Bonus points for featuring not one, but TWO actors from Pitch Perfect, Anna Camp and Utkarsh Ambudkar!)

5) It will make you happy. This is not a comedy that gets laughs by insulting people, nor is it a comedy that is funny because of how horrible its characters are. The characters are all incredibly likable and sweet–for the most part… JUST WATCH IT ALREADY!

And, finally, if you are still not convinced, please watch the episode entitled ‘Danny Castellano Is My Gynecologist‘ and come back to me when you have been converted to The Mindy Project.


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