Christina Aguilera Releases New Single–‘Your Body’–Ears Rejoice

Christina Aguilera has returned everybody!  The Dirrrty diva just released her newest single, ‘Your Body’–available on iTunes on Sept 17th–and you can listen to it above. (Seriously. Do it. You can thank me later.)  This song marks the beginning of Xtina’s next studio album, Lotus, out November 13th.

Christina’s new, carefree song, marks a change from her last album, Bionic: more pop, less sex.  While the first single off Bionic, Not Myself Tonight‘ was much more daring musically, it was also very aggressive, and, perhaps, a bit too self-indulgent–the music video itself is considered too risqué for the general public (according to youtube).  Not much has changed in terms of sexy visuals (Christina appears barely covered on the cover art for her new single), but the feel is much more seductive.  It’s less of a declaration of sexual freedom and more of a flirty indulgence.  ‘Your Body’ allows Xtina to show off her insane vocal ability,  and assert her sexuality, while being completely radio–and dance floor–friendly.

Bottom Line: The song is extremely fun, and I cannot wait to see the teaser for the music video that is said to be airing on Monday’s episode of The Voice.  Who else is excited for her new album?


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