So long, Summer TV!

Sad, but true, summer is over.  And, I’m not just saying that because I am now officially back at school.  Most summer TV shows have aired their season finales, leaving me in a desperate state of TV withdrawal while I wait for all the new and returning shows to start this Fall.  So, who were summer TV’s winners and losers (at least in my book)?  Before I get into it, I would like to write a disclaimer: I have NOT yet watched Breaking Bad, True Blood, Game of Thrones, or The KillingYou have been warned…

Best Twist:

Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family): It was revealed at the very end of the show’s summer finale that Toby (aka the recipient of Spencer’s v-card) was actually working WITH ‘A’-team villainess, Mona!  Not only did this totally come out of nowhere (I think?), but, it was also completely devastating for all of us Spencer-Toby shippers! I think I speak for all Toby fans when I say that I had been watching all summer trying to figure out where the hell Toby was…And this twist, while not really answering that question, rules out at least one option: wherever he told Spencer he was is most probably a LIE.

I love Spencer and Toby so much that I haven’t given up hope on his character quite yet.  I choose to believe that Toby has either

a) been blackmailed into joining the A-team sometime between his confrontation with Spencer at the beginning of this summer season and his return, OR

b) turned evil sometime between breaking up with Spencer after nearly falling to his death last season and getting back together with her after Mona was revealed as ‘A’ in the last season finale.
If you remember, Spencer broke up with Toby to protect him, and told him that she had cheated on him with “Downtown Grabby”, Wren.  Then, after a near-fatal ride from hell with Mona, Toby single-handedly brought back the amazingly still trustworthy Doc. Sullivan, and forgave Spencer for her supposed indiscretions.  Now that I think about it, (b) makes slightly more sense; it was never revealed how Toby knew just how to find Dr. Sullivan, and he forgave Spencer way too quickly.  Still, it’s difficult for me to think he would sleep with Spencer and betray her like that.  (But, maybe it shouldn’t be…men…)


Mike and Rachel, Suits (USA): I had been rooting for this couple since the pilot aired last summer, and I began this season praying for Mike to ditch girlfriend Jenny and get with Rachel.  Imagine my surprise when they ended up together…for one episode.  Mike, played by the always charming Patrick J Adams, decided that he couldn’t be with Rachel and lie to her about his law school background (shhhhh! he has none!).  Just like that, I went from soaring with excitement to having my heart shattered.  Luckily for Suits, my other favorite ‘couple’ on the show is Donna and Harvey–yes, I know that they aren’t a romantic couple–and Donna’s dramatic storyline was so compelling, I almost forgot about my Mike-Rachel disappointment…almost.

Best New Show:

The Newsroom (HBO): The newest brainchild of Oscar winner Aaron Sorkin is not particularly new or original.  Yes, the dialogue is quick and witty, and, yes, many of the characters are compelling, but, no, it is not something you haven’t seen before.  However, that fact is mostly due to Sorkin’s tendency to repeat his genius: Newsroom begins in a way very similar to Sorkin’s short lived Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and both take their cues from the movie Network.  This show bares all the classic Sorkin traits: the acting is superb, the writing impeccable, and the politics liberal.

Most Confusing Plot Twist:

Any Given Episode, Teen Wolf (MTV): MTV’s hottest scripted show never stopped to catch a breath during it’s second season.  No one was free from the supernatural evils of the world, and certainly no one was to be trusted to fight against those evils.  It felt like every episode an alliance was broken and a new one formed, a good guy turned out to be a bad guy, a couple would break up only to hook up later, or Tyler Hoechlin (aka: werewolf Alpha Derek) would take his shirt off only to put it back on.  I spent most of the season thoroughly entertained and thrillingly confused.  It all made sense in the end (kinda), and I cannot wait to find out what happens next season.

Best Emotional Roller Coaster:

Sam Swarek and Andy McNally, Rookie Blue (ABC): I have a confession to make: I am 100% obsessed with this Rookie Blue romance.  The ‘will they, won’t they’ couple of the show was finally ON at the end of it’s second season, and I was hoping for some good old fashioned lovin’ this season.  Alas…it was not meant to be, as relationship struggles and cop dramas continued to get in the way.  I won’t spoil the end for you by writing it here–mainly because I am still shocked/in denial–but, I will say that I cried…multiple times…during multiple episodes.  Emotional roller coaster, indeed.

Most Shocking Death:

Jerry Barber (Noam Jenkins), Rookie Blue (ABC): This season, the cops at Rookie Blue faced the most devastating event ever to take place at 15th Division: the death of Detective Jerry Barber.  Not only was his heroic death completely out of the blue, it sent our favorite Canadian cops into a sadness so complete that it was, frankly, difficult to watch.  I find it hard to believe that there were any viewers who watched the episode of his death and the one that followed with dry eyes.  Jerry was one of my absolute favorite characters.  But, his death presents me with a whole different problem: now that Noam Jenkins will no longer be in my life on Rookie Blue, can those nice folks at USA turn his recurring FBI agent in Covert Affairs into a more than one appearance per season? OKAY. THANK YOU. BYE.

Runner Up:

Jai Wilcox (Sendhil Ramamurthy), Covert Affairs (USA): Covert Affairs blindsided me this summer by kicking off the season with a very dramatic, and very public, assassination: that of friendly CIA golden boy, Jai Wilcox.  It was so unceremonious, I’m still holding out hope that it was all some big cover up, and that he’s actually in some kind of witness protection.  While maybe not the most loved or interesting character on Covert Affairs, Jai had been a constant part of the show, and Annie’s life at the CIA, since the pilot, and I was sad and surprised to see him go so abruptly.  His death also marked the beginning of a new story line, that has something to do with a symbol of a constellation and, presumably, the bad guys that are marked with it.  Covert Affairs has yet to finish this summer season, so there are still many questions left unanswered.  That means I can still hold out hope for that witness protection idea, right??

Best Overall Season:

Suits (USA): Suits truly went above and beyond for it’s second season.  Instead of focusing on Mike’s double life, the show took a turn and put Harvey as the one in danger of losing his job, completely turning the tables while raising the stakes considerably for Harvey.  This season found Pearson-Hardman under attack by it’s former head honcho, sneaky mastermind, Daniel Hardman, who was determined to steal the law firm from Jessica Pearson (aka: the world’s sexiest, most kick ass lawyer).  The writers gave all the actors a chance to shine this season, particularly Sarah Rafferty (aka: assistant extraordinaire, Donna), who found herself in the middle of this season’s big scandal.


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