Is it summer yet, Sisqo?? Throwback Thursday

Yet again, I am behind on the Throwback Thursday, but that’s okay, because this week’s throwback is Sisqo’s ‘Thong Song’!  It is now Friday June 1st, and what better way to kick off the first month of summer than with a party classic?

Released in 2000, ‘Thong Song’ was inescapable for years.  My innocent, child ears were shocked when first exposed to this song, and, surprisingly, that feeling has not faded.  Still, I can’t get enough, and, embarrassingly enough, still know most of the lyrics… The song is hilarious, catchy, and has yet to be equaled in the popular music scene (although, that’s probably for the best).  Watch the video to go back in time and kick off your summer!


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