Kat Graham — ‘Against the Wall’

Kat Graham has officially arrived! (If you’ve read my previous Kat Graham post, then you know just how excited I am right now.)  Her EP ‘Against the Wall’ was just released on iTunes this past Tuesday, and I could not be more in love.  A collection of four sexy pop songs, including her single ‘Put Your Graffiti On Me’, this EP is so good it’s ridiculous.

I can’t really pinpoint what I love most about Kat Graham.  Is it her style? Her attitude?  I think it might be how she just throws herself into her music completely, and it shows.  If people take the time to listen, Kat could change pop music drastically–like Lady Gaga, but better.  Her music doesn’t sound like anything else on the radio right now, but, instead of sounding contrary for the purpose of being contrary (sorry, Lady Gaga, but your bit is getting tired), Kat’s music sounds genuine. 

To celebrate the release of ‘Against the Wall’, Kat performed onEllen this week, proving how much one can do without flames and stunts and, frankly, a lot of money.  Backed up by seven dancers, Kat demands the stage without creating a huge fuss or drawing attention to how special she is.  She shows her talent without telling people how talented she is, making her seem relatable.  Plus, she’s a badass performer, and no one could possibly say different.

The songs on ‘Against the Wall’ are all upbeat, dance tracks, but they all have very different themes and styles.  Every song sounds different, it’s not the same recycled melody or beat over and over.  ‘Put Your Graffiti On Me‘ calls for a sexy, high tempo, seduction.  ‘Heartkiller’ is half girl power techno, half scorned women anthem, in which Kat declares that she will never fall pray to a ‘serial lover’.  Kat slows down the tempo a bit for ‘Wanna Say’, the cheeriest song on the EP, a R&B/Hip Hop love song.  Finally, my favorite song off the album, ‘Supadope‘, is the perfect song to play to get pumped up before going out, or just before getting out of bed in the morning!  It’s an addictive confidence booster (not unlike Beyoncé’s ‘Diva’), and I can’t stop listening to it!

If you’re at all interested, go and get it on iTunes, or at least download ‘Heartkiller’, which is free this week, and tell me what you think!


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