School’s Out, Summer Television Is In!


Vampire Diaries is over…the bright light at the end of the tunnel: the return of summer TV!  Here are the shows I’m most excited about!


Duets — Thursday May 24th at 8pm — A new AI-rival (no doubt inspired by NBC’s The Voice), Duets puts a twist on your typical singing reality competition by making the contestants compete, not only against each other, but against judges that they will share the stage with.  I’m not quite sure how the show will work, if they judges will change partners every week, how the duets will be chosen, how many contestants there will be, etc, but I am willing to find out!  The celeb judges, John Legend (what?!), Kelly Clarkson (double what?!), Robin Thicke, and Jennifer Nettles (honestly, I don’t know who she is…), are my main reason for watching the show.  Hopefully it’ll be as entertaining as The Voice and American Idol, although, I’m not sure how many more singing competitions I can take.

Rookie Blue — Thursday May 24th at 10pm — Airing it’s third season this summer, Rookie Blue, is a cop drama imported from Canada.  If you’re thrown off by my use of the term ‘cop drama’, don’t be.  This show is to cop shows what Grey’s Anatomy is to medical dramas, meaning that it’s not so much about gritty cop life, but about the lives (both professional and romantic) of the people that work there.  With short seasons, it’s easy to catch up on, and it’s a great summer show.  Last season ended on a particularly juicy note, with Andy (Missy Peregrym) finally hooking up with her former training officer (a strict no-no), Sam (played by Ben Bass).  Oh, and there was an undercover crisis and some torture and mystery involved.  This may be the summer show I’m most excited for.

Also on ‘ABC’: The Bachelorette (which airs Monday at 9:30pm), Bachelor Pad (Monday July 23rd at 8pm), and new comedy Trust Us With Your Life (Tuesday July 10th).


Saving Hope — Thursday June 7th at 9pm — This medical drama revolving around comatose Chief of Surgery Charlie Harris who’s spirit wanders the halls of his chaotic hospital, does not sound that great, in all honesty.  The surgical drama (you’d think they’d want to go with a different kind of doctor than the ones in Grey’s Anatomy), however, stars Daniel Gilles, who I fell in love with as Elijah on The Vampire Diaries, and, goddammit, I’ll do anything to have a taste of TVD over the summer.  Smallville alum, Erica Durance, also stars.  She blew me away as Lois Lane in Smallville and has a knack for making even the worst dialogue (sorry Smallville) natural and funny.  I’d say it’s definitely worth trying, just for those two cast members (and, yes, I’m a sucker for the medical dramas).


So You Think You Can Dance — Thursday May 24th at 8pm — The dancing competition returns for it’s 9th season this summer, and, though I’m not quite sure on what changes to “the format” they’re planning on for this season, I’m sure they’ll manage to blow me away again this summer.  The amount of crazy talent on this show is just unbelievable, and the louder than life judges and fun choreographers only make this competition show that much more fun to watch.  Plus, it’s a refreshing change from all the singing competitions out there and host Cat Deeley is one of the best hosts out there.


Suits — Thursday June 14th at 10pm — USA’s lawyer/buddy comedy is finally returning for season 2! I really got into this show when it premiered last summer, and the credit is all due to one of the show’s big stars, Patrick J. Adams, who plays Mike Ross, the unlikely hero, with endearing charm and lots of humor.  The show revolves around a cocky, successful playboy lawyer (played by the suave Gabriel Macht) who takes brilliant college drop-out, Mike Ross, under his wing.  To survive in the world of the law, Mike has to adjust quickly to a new way of life and a new life story, as he is forced to fake a Harvard law degree.  The two men have great chemistry, and exchange quick, witty banter and pop-culture references in such a way that makes it impossible to stop watching.

Covert Affairs — Tuesday July 10th at 10pm — Any show that features a kick ass female heroine automatically goes on my ‘watch’ list (I’m still looking for the next Alias).  Staring Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly) as Annie Walker, a CIA secret agent, the show has it’s ups and downs, but is, all in all, pretty fun and entertaining.  The cast also features Peter Gallagher, Sendhil Ramamurthy (for you Heroes fans), and the fabulous Christopher Gorham (Henry from Ugly Betty!).  I would watch the show for Christopher Gorham alone.

Also on ‘USA’: Common Law (Fridays at 10pm), Burn Notice (Thursday June 14th at 9pm), Necessary Roughness (Wednesday June 6th at 10pm), White Collar (Tuesday June 10th at 9pm), Fairly Legal (Friday June 1st at 9pm).

ABC Family:

Bunheads — Monday June 11th at 9pm — From the mind of Amy Sherman-Palladino, who brought us Gilmore GirlsBunheads is a new drama that revolves around Michelle, a Vegas showgirl, who moves to a small town with her new husband and ends up finding a place at a dance studio, teaching teenage girls.  I’m a little skeptical about the content, it does look a bit boring and/or predictable, but Gilmore Girls never let me down (well, not counting season 4), and I have nothing but love for executive-producer Amy Sherman-Palladino. Added incentive: Broadway superstar, Sutton Foster, stars as Michelle, and Gilmore Girls alum Kelly Bishop (aka Emily Gilmore) plays her new mother-in-law.

Pretty Little Liars — Tuesday June 5th at 8pm — Returning for it’s 3rd season, this crazy teen drama has a lot to live up to considering the last season finale, in which the mysterious ‘A’ was revealed.  Pretty Little Liars has only gotten more addictive since it’s first season, and it delivers more consistently epic drama than almost any other show on television (TVD being number 1), making it the perfect Revenge replacement.

Also on ‘ABC Family’: The Secret Life of the American Teenager (Mondays at 8pm), Baby Daddy (premieres Wednesday June 20th at 8:30pm), Jane By Design (Tuesday June 5th at 8pm), Beverly Hills Nannies (Wednesday July 11th at 9pm).


Teen Wolf— Sunday June 2nd at 10pm — What started out as trashy summer fun quickly became an epic supernatural summer show.  The intensely dramatic and down right freaky show is coming back, and is sure to be filled with twists and turns.  The young cast will definitely have their hands full…Let’s hope lead actor Tyler Posey got a little better at delivering those dramatic declarations of anger or fear! (He’s better with the romantic scenes.)  The real reason to be excited for Teen Wolf‘s second season is the return of Dylan O’Brien to television!  The actor, who plays the goofy (still human) BFF to Tyler Posey’s ‘teen wolf’, is the heart and soul of the show.  He plays his character, Stiles, with a charming, genuine enthusiasm, he can make any dialogue sound natural.  He’s also hilarious, and he makes the show much more than just a wacky teen sci-fi drama.


Drop Dead Diva — Monday June 3rd at 9pm — I LOVE Drop Dead Diva.  There’s just no two ways about it.  The lighthearted lawyer drama is funny, touching, and has an amazing female lead in Brooke Elliott, who plays dumb model in a plus-size lawyer body, Jane Bingum.  The quirky show, which also stars Margaret Cho as Jane’s secretary, Teri Lee, is a great one to watch because it doesn’t take itself too seriously.  Also, rumor has it Kim Kardashian is guest staring in the 4th season premiere.  Kim Kardashian and Brooke Elliot?! Bring it on.


True Blood — Sunday June 10th at 9pm — The return of the scary sexy vamps of Bon Temps has been a long time coming.  After last year’s insane finale (why yes, they did shoot one of their main characters in the head), this season has a lot to live up to.  Lucky for them, resident hotties Stephen Moyer (vampire Bill), Sam Trammell (bar owner Sam Merlotte), Ryan Kwanten (sweetie Jason Stakhouse), Alexander Skarsgard (vampire Eric) and Joe Manganiello (crazy abs Alicide) are still around.  Let the bloodbath begin!

The Newsroom — Sunday June 24th at 10pm — The newest show from the brilliant mind of Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network, The West Wing) is sure to be a winner.  Staring Jeff Daniels as a newsman who loses his cool on air and goes on a rant about all that’s wrong in America, the show bares all the marks of a Sorkin classic: liberal politics, quick dialogue, smart laughs, and some of the best drama you’ll ever see.

What do you think of my list?  Are there any summer shows that I didn’t mention that I should watch?  Are you fans of summer tv or does it just make you wish the fall season would start already?! Feel free to go wild in the comments 🙂

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