‘The Departed’ – The Vampire Diaries Wraps Up Season 3, and Opens a Can of Worms

The Vampire Diaries just finished it’s third season, and it’s still as good as ever (that’s something you could never say about The O.C.).  So, how did it end? What lives were lost, what lives were spared?  And, who did Elena choose?!?! SPOILER ALERT

For the season 3 finale, the writers of TVD decided to show us a glimpse into pre-vampire Elena.  In flashbacks, we got to see Matt and Elena kiss (weird), Elena and Bonnie as cheerleaders, and the return of Aunt Jenna (man, I miss her)!  We were also treated to her real first meetings with each Salvatore brother. (Damon actually met her first!)

In the present time, things could not have been more different for Elena: with Evil Alaric on a rampage to find mummified Klaus and kill him, and with Elijah demanding Klaus’ body, Elena and her friends had their hands full.  Stefan finally stepped up and kissed Elena in the second most romantic scene of the episode (first place goes to Tyler and Caroline planning on running away together…I’m such a sucker).  Even Matt and Jeremy took some action, hatching a plan to get Elena out of town to safety.  Can I just say that this plan was absolutely ridiculous?  What does Matt think he can do to protect Elena from vampires?  He knows that they’re super strong and fast, right?  I’m pretty sure his truck is no match for them.

The huge turning point in the episode came when Evil Alaric daggered Klaus.  I, for one, did not see this coming.  I thought that if any original was going to die in the finale, it would be Rebekah.  Of course, Klaus’ supposed death had a much stronger emotional impact that Rebekah’s would have, as the whole gang thought they were dying, forcing Elena to finally make a choice between the Salvatore brothers.

I’m really glad she went with Stefan and here’s why: once Elena and Damon actually try to be together, there’s no going back.  The idea of Elena and Stefan having an eternal love would be gone, and it would take a lot more time and effort to bring them back together (if that ever becomes the plan).  Whereas, her feelings for Damon can always be a complicated factor in her relationship with Stefan now.  It also made for one epic Damon scene (can somebody give Ian Somerhalder an Emmy please?). Plus, I think the fact that Stefan was willing to leave her to drown to save Matt (per her request), proves that she was right in her choice.  The difference between Damon and Stefan has always been that Stefan lets her have control over her own destiny, and the crash just proved it.

Klaus dying would have been the big finale twist had this been any other show.  Of course, TVD couldn’t let our favorite characters off that easy, and the episode ended with Klaus’ spirit taking up residence in Tyler’s body, Alaric dead and Elena becoming a vampire (almost–she still hasn’t fed on blood).

Who saw that coming?!  Because I was sure we still had another season with human Elena, at least…

Bonnie went rogue, and that worries me.  As we were warned last week, Bonnie’s experiment with dark magic could cause her to lose control…her witchery could land her in some very tricky situations.  I wouldn’t want to be her when Caroline finds out what she did to Tyler…

What I love about the season finale cliff-hangers TVD leaves us with is that they are completely crazy and unpredictable.  For example, last year, I thought that the sacrifice would be the season finale, and that the season would end with Elena’s life hanging in the balance.  Instead, it ended with Stefan being force-fed human blood and leaving with Klaus to save Damon’s life.  Oh, yeah, and the episode ended with Jeremy running into his dead vampire girlfriends in his kitchen.  Going back, even to first season, I thought that the season finale would be Damon and Stefan finally opening the tomb to free Katherine.  That happened in episode 10.  Needless to say, TVD works fast, and their twists are awesome.  This last episode was full of amazing twists that put the first two finales to shame.

Here are just some of the burning questions left over from the episode:

1) Who’s blood did Dr. Fell give Elena?  As we know, a vampire’s blood line can make the difference between life and death.  So, was it the blood that Dr. Fell had stolen from Damon earlier in the season?

2) If Elena completes the transformation, what kind of blood will she drink?  Will she immediately turn to a blood bag diet like Caroline?  Or, will she try the animal diet like Stefan did way back when? (Will she hate herself?  What will Jeremy think?)

2) Is Tyler alive?  By that, I mean, his soul.  Or, is he being kept out by Klaus?  Furthermore, if Tyler is alive, how will he get his body back?  Will Joseph Morgan be saved from unemployment and be able to return as the Klaus we all know and love to hate?  This begs the question: What happened to Klaus’ ashes/burnt body?

3) Speaking of Klaus’ current state, what happened to the indestructible stake?  Evil Alaric had it, so, does that mean that it is now in Damon’s possession?  And, if it is, what does that mean for Rebekah, as Damon will surely be out for some revenge for her attempted murder…

4) Did Elijah know about Rebekah’s plans to kill Elena?  Did he leave Mystic Falls as promised and just assume she had done the same?  I don’t think he knew, because the Elijah we’ve come to know would never do that.  He is much too honorable, not to mention the fact that he cares for Elena.

5) What’s going to happen to Mrs. Lockwood and Sherriff Forbes now that the Council has turned against them?

6) Why did Bonnie decide to put Klaus into Tyler’s body?  As a hybrid, Klaus via Tyler has way more power for destruction than he would have if he was in a normal human body (right?).  Wouldn’t that have been a smarter move?

7) Why didn’t Stefan at least rip off Elena’s seat-belt underwater, giving her the chance of at least trying to swim to shore?

What do you think about these questions?  Do you like the fact that Elena is going to go through next season as a vampire?

As a goodbye to TVD (I don’t know how I’ll survive the whole summer without it!), I would like to leave you with three quotes from ‘The Departed’ that sum up the show:

“Our life is one big proverbial coin toss.” – Damon to Stefan when they had to decide who would stay with Klaus’ body and who would go take care of a concussed Elena.

“We’re on it, as soon as we make sure there’s nothing lurking in the closets.” – Tyler to Elena before he and Matt search the Gilbert house.  Finally, they realize that doing a preliminary sweep of the house when they enter is probably a good idea.

“I can’t think about always, all I can think about is right now.” – Elena to Damon when she tells him that she chooses Stefan.  I have a feeling that this line is going to set the tone for next season.  Now that Elena has forever, how will that change her decision?  I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to find out!


One thought on “‘The Departed’ – The Vampire Diaries Wraps Up Season 3, and Opens a Can of Worms

  1. something tells me question 7 won’t get answered. even though it is an extremely valid question!

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