Justin Bieber Wants You To Know He’s No Longer a Minor with his new video ‘Boyfriend’

The Biebs is all grown up (duh)! Don’t believe me? Just look at his new video for his single ‘Boyfriend’.  See how he’s singing up against that girl’s neck?  How he’s touching that half dressed girl’s waist, letting her basically sit on his lap?  Oh yeah, Justin Bieber has grown. He can even drive now!  The whole video practically screams, ‘I’m a man now!’  As funny and awkward as I think this video is, I have to say, I am definitely a fan of this new look.  The new Bieber hair is hot, and the all black look suits him.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to see what the rest of his new album sounds like.

And I do kinda like this song, but not the weird Ying Yang twins verses (that whispering thing is just creepy, let’s face it).  That’s my one major problem with the video: with it’s two different beginnings (why is this necessary?), you have to listen to the opening verse twice, which means you have to wait double time for the chorus! It’s just plain mean.  The chorus, however, is worth it, and is as catchy as any other Bieber song–that is to say, extremely catchy.

What do you think about the Bieb’s new video?  Is it a sign of independence?  Or is it just cool?  Are there any Bielievers out there?


One thought on “Justin Bieber Wants You To Know He’s No Longer a Minor with his new video ‘Boyfriend’

  1. I think you know how I feel about Bieber, and I only watched this video cause my EB classmate is an AWESOME dancer in it (yay, Lindsay! girl in the striped shirt and black hat), and I have to say that the whole “adult” music video set up just makes him look more childish and out of place. Sure, he can drive now..but, just baaarely. He looks borderline ridiculous. I understand that he can’t be all teenagery forever, but I think this tactic backfired cause he’s very obviously the least cool part of the whole video. Let’s talk once he’s not as skinny as the models he’s courting.

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