Adam Levine Disappoints, Xtina Shines in a Tiara, this week on ‘The Voice’

Well, folks, after last night’s results show of The Voice, we now have this season’s finalists!  As exciting as this is, it’s going to take me a while to get over my shock over who was eliminated last night.

But, let’s focus on the positive: all four finalists from the first season came back and performed! They were all great, but my favorite was Vicci Martinez performing with Cee Lo.  I’ve been really curious to hear what her original music would sound like (after the show), and she didn’t let me down.

Team Blake were the all stars this week, no doubt. 

Erin Willett was the showstopper with her emotional take on David Guetta’s ‘Without You’.  Her performance blew me away, and was definitely my favorite of the night.  Erin has been a consistently  badass and powerful performer, but this was just on a whole new level for her.  Her voice just demands attention, I absolutely love it!

Not one to be outdone, Jermaine Paul matched her note for note when he performed ‘Open Arms’ dedicated to his wife.  Jermaine has such a demanding stage presence, you can’t take your eyes off him.  Team Blake was the only team where I really didn’t have a clear favorite…so I was really surprised in how big the gap between the two contestants’ final points were.  Jermaine won by a a lot, and it was well deserved, but, frankly, I would have been equally (if not a bit more) happy if Erin had made it.  Need another reason to love her (other than the video above)?  When Carson told her to have fun celebrating her birthday (which was that night!) she turned to Blake and told him that they should get drunk later.  I really hope this happened.

Chris Mann from Team Christina finally returned to his opera roots, singing Ave Maria.  As a not big fan, I was surprised because he almost won me over with this performance.  His control and power and grace are undeniable, and this was definitely my favorite of his performances.  I hope he sticks with more opera/classic songs that aren’t too ballad-y next week, songs that he can really go all out on without sounding too cliché.

Yes, Chris was the last man standing on Team Christina last night.  Christina, proud mama coach that she is, split her points straight down the line 50-50.  Lindsey Pavao and Chris Mann are just so different, it really is impossible to compare the two. Both gave their best performances of the competition this week, going back to their roots (Chris with opera and Lindsey with a smooth guitar cover of Bon Iver’s ‘Skinny Love’).  In the end, Chris really won over the audience, getting a great majority of the votes from Team Christina.  When they announced his name, he seemed so utterly shocked, it was impossible to be mad at him for winning.  It’s always great to see a performer with humility.

Everyone was going all out this week and trying to give us something new and different to push them into the finale, and Team Cee Lo was no exception.  Jamar Rogers took a break from up-tempo rock songs and gave us a softer side.  He was, as always, extremely powerful and awesome–his dip to the low note at the end was amazing.  The crowd went wild, and Jamar was jumping up and down with adrenaline–everyone knew he killed it.  After that performance, I was thrilled, sure he would make it to the finals next week.  But, it was foolish of me to discount his competition from Team Cee Lo, Juliet Simms, who closed the show with her best performance yet.

She finally sang with the emotion of her blind audition, and, as much as I didn’t want to like it, I couldn’t stop my draw from dropping.  So, it was no real surprise when she was voted through to the finals, with a very impressive margin, I might add.  Cee Lo split his 100 points 60-40 in her favor, but even that 20 point difference didn’t make a difference.  Juliet would have won simply based on the viewers’ votes.  As you might know, I really wanted Jamar to win it all this season, so I’m pretty bummed, but, after Juliet’s performance, I can’t really hold it against her…

So, I have decided to redirect my anger and disappointment towards coach, Adam Levine.  Oh, Adam, you let me down.  I once believed that you were the most level-headed coach of them all, but, judging on the overall performances of the teams this year, especially from the final two, Blake took that spot from you. First from Team Adam, Tony Lucca, kicked off the night with his most rockin’ performance on the show: ‘How You Like Me Now’.  Seeing Tony do something different and upbeat was a very welcome change of pace, but I’m still not sold.  I think I simply don’t connect with him, even though I try!

When it was Adam’s turn to split his votes he had the same strategy as Cee Lo and went 60-40, for TONY.  I was really surprised for two reasons: 1) Katrina Parker (who did an amazing rendition of ‘Killing Me Softly’, in what will go down as the best song choice in The Voice history) has been consistently better than Tony during the live shows, 2) Adam has been gushing week after week about how much he loves Katrina, and wants everyone else to love her, what happened?

Adam claimed that he ‘connected’ more with Tony (on a personal level), but I think that that is not enough reasoning, I’m sorry.  It was also disappointing for the viewers because Adam’s decision to split his points unequally actually made the difference in this case: If it hadn’t been for those extra 20 points, Katrina would have made it to the finals…grrrrrr…

I can only hope Adam can make better decisions for Tony Lucca in the finale.  Tony’s there, so now it’s time to prove that he deserves it, Adam.

So, the finalists are all picked, with Juliet Simms from Team Cee Lo, Chris Mann from Team Christina, Jermaine Paul for Team Blake, and Tony Lucca repin’ Team Adam.  At this point, I’m rooting for Jermaine Paul, but I really don’t have any idea who’s going to win…maybe we can all call in and vote for Jamar instead?

Other fun moments of this week: Around 43 minutes into the live performances (according to Hulu), check out Chris Mann and Erin Willett posing in the background as Christina Milian interviews Jamar and Lindsey.  Plus, Team Adam and Team Cee Lo performed together, as did Team Christina and Team Blake! Fun times.

What do you think of the finalists this season?  Were you as sad as I was to see Jamar go?  Do you think Adam should have split his points differently?


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