Once Upon A Time…was Pinocchio a real boy? OUAT 1.20 Recap

Let me start this Once Upon A Time recap by saying that I am loving how the end of the season is going right now.  It feels like everything is heating up, and I’m hopeful that it pays off nicely.  Awesome moments of the episode include any and all scenes with Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin (obviously), and Mary Margaret’s epic stand-off with Regina.  Okay, that said, this week’s Once Upon A Time focused on the tale of Pinocchio.

After all the intrigue from last week’s episode about August’s true identity, it was surprising that this week, right at the beginning of the episode, he was proven to be none other than Pinocchio.  So, the real boy turned into a very real man.  But, how did Pinocchio escape the magical world before the curse took hold?

In the fairy tale world, after Pinocchio was transformed into a real boy by the Blue Fairy, Geppetto, his father/creator, was called on to carve the magic wardrobe that would take Emma to safety so that she may one day break the curse of the Evil Queen.  Unwilling to see his son turned back into wood, Geppetto insisted that Pinocchio take the second place in the wardrobe, leaving room for only one more.

Originally, it seems, the plan was for a pregnant Snow and her husband to go to safety, then it became a pregnant Snow and Pinocchio, and then it turned into a baby Emma and Pinocchio.  And so a seven-year old Pinocchio was left to guide Emma through life, and was given the responsibility of making her believe when the time came.  Abused and disheartened by the foster care system, Pinocchio ran away, leaving baby Emma on her own, and has only now returned to make good on his promise.  Unfortunately for August/Pinocchio, it’s too late, and his punishment for not being ‘brave, truthful, and unselfish’ has begun: he is slowly turning into wood [insert dirty joke here].  However, this effect is only seen by those who believe in the curse, and when he tries to use his wooden leg as proof of the curse, Emma, too closed off from magic, does not see it and remains unconvinced.  August tried to make Emma believe by taking her on a short road trip, but, alas, he failed.

Thanks to August’s pushing, we finally got to know the real reason why Emma refuses to believe: she is terrified of the responsibility that comes with acknowledging her true destiny.  When Emma finally broke down and admitted this to August, I finally felt a connection to her.  It is terrifying to think that you could be responsible for so many people’s happiness; who would be excited to believe in that possibility?

In other news, a very hot, but stupid David got himself tangled up in Regina’s web when she tricked him into having dinner with her.  As I warned in my recap last week, David is in serious danger of becoming a dull, and unsympathetic character, and this dinner only added to this danger.  The two bonded, and David thanked her for ‘being there for him’ during these difficult times.  (This statement left me at a loss–just how has Regina been there for him?

How can he not see how unfeeling and ruthless she is?  Why must he act as a Prince Charming to every single damsel in distress?)

After they shared ‘the best lasagna ever’ Regina recounted the story of how she found David on the side of the road one night (before she brought him to the hospital where we met him), and then tried to kiss him.  To his credit, David refused her advances, but that doesn’t really leave me feeling all that relieved.

This storyline also made me question Regina’s motives.  Was this just a petty attempt to thwart Snow White’s happy ending?  Or is it part of a greater plan to ruin the lives of the citizens of Storybrooke?

Finally, the episode ended with August reconnecting with his father in Storybrooke, and Emma’s fear took over, leading her to kidnap Henry and drive straight out of Storybrooke.

Now, Henry, Emma, and August are the only people (that we’ve met so far) who can leave Storybrooke whenever they please, so Emma and Henry should not be in any danger right away.  What concerns me is the effect this will have on a lonely Mary Margaret and her relationship with an increasingly annoying David. Without Emma or Henry to push them together, will they be more vulnerable to Regina’s attempts to push them away from each other?  How will Mary Margaret cope with her best friend leaving town?  Of course, that is assuming that Emma and Henry actually manage to leave Storybrooke, something I highly doubt will happen.

You can watch the promo for next week’s episode here.

Did you guys watch OUAT this week?  What did you think?  Is David annoying you too?  How long do you think Emma and Henry will last out on the road?  As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


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