Lockhart & Gardner Under Attack on The Good Wife’s season finale

Last night, CBS aired episode 3.22 of The Good Wife.  Entitled ‘The Dream Team’ and serving as this season’s season finale, the episode featured two of my favorite guest stars on the show, Martha Plimpton as Patti Nyholm and Michael J. Fox as Alicia’s most formidable opponent, Louis Canning.  I am going on the record right now to say that The Good Wife has the BEST guest stars on television (Matthew Perry, Mamie Gummer, Carrie Preston, to name a few), but Michael J. Fox is my all time favorite.  When he shows up, you know it’s going to be a great, dramatic episode, and this episode was no exception.  Mr. Canning and Ms. Nyholm did, in fact, show up to stir things up with an evil plan to destroy Lockhart & Gardner!  In the end, it was all a distraction so that the ‘dream team’ could poach Lockhart & Gardner’s biggest client.

Meanwhile, Kalinda was forced into crisis mode after a clueless Alicia called Kalinda’s dangerous (and, I assume, violent) husband, prompting Kalinda to get ready to run.

Only when confronted with the possibility of leaving Alicia in danger did Kalinda decide to stay and face her husband.  Literally.  The episode ended with Kalinda sitting in a statuesque white chair facing her front door, a fully loaded gun stuffed between the seat cushion and the arm of the chair.

Alicia also ended the episode on a threshold: deciding whether to get in her car and go home alone or stay at her old family home and have pizza with her husband and the kids.

Elevator Moments: Will and Alicia found themselves in alone in an elevator towards the end of the episode.  I couldn’t help but be taken back to last year’s season finale, when Alicia and Will finally hooked up in a hotel elevator.  And, I’ll be honest, I was hoping they would just drop everything and start making-out.  Alas, no such luck.  Earlier in the episode, Will and Peter ran into each other in the elevator, and then had to sustain a whole conversation during the ride up to Lockhart & Gardner offices.  The awkward moments, full of emotional heft, but also hilarious, signaled a sort of turning point for the men in Alicia’s life.  Neither of them are seeing her romantically, so does that mean that they can move on from competing against one another?  Can they respect each other after everything that has happened?

Turns out, that scene was just build up for the epic gathering of characters that happened as soon as they stepped off the elevator.  Alicia, waiting for Peter, greeted the men when they arrived, and they were soon joined by Eli Gold, Cary, and, eventually, Kalinda.  Seeing all these great characters forced together in one small space was pretty exciting, and provided what was probably the best zinger of the night: When a baby comes barreling through the hallway (she belongs to Ms. Nyholm), Will explains, “Our new associate.”  I lol’d on that one.

This season finale was epic and here’s why: every conflict of the season finally came to a head.  Will and Peter, Will and Alicia, Will and the law (Grand Jury Investigation), Kalinda and her past, Alicia and Cary, Alicia and Peter, etc.  Add in excellent camera work that really set the tone for the whole episode, and I think you’ve got one of the best episodes of the season.  I’d like to take this moment to give a shout out to Graham Phillips and Makenzie Vega, who play Alicia and Peter’s children, for keeping up with all the great, more seasoned actors on the show.  I especially love Graham Phillips, who plays Zach, I hope we get to see more of him next season!

That said, I’m a little skeptical about what is going to happen next season.  As always, I am lost when it comes to the Peter-Alicia-Will love triangle.  It’s nice seeing Peter grow and become less of a jerk, but does that mean that Alicia should go back to him?  And, what’s going on with Will and Alicia?  Will, as we know, is dating, but the tension between him and Alicia is a constant reminder of their unresolved issues as a couple.

Question: were we supposed to think that Will didn’t know that Alicia and Peter are separated before this episode?  Or was it hearing it acknowledged in public that was shocking to him?  Either way, now that Will knows that Alicia is officially separated from her husband, what is he going to do about it?  Who is Kalinda’s mystery husband and why is he so terrifying? Does Cary have a secret plan with Peter that’s behind his return to Lockhart & Gardner?

Oh, it’s going to be a long summer…


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