Can You Still Sing Along? Natalie Imbruglia ‘Torn’

I have decided to start a new recurring post here on iWatchiAm: Classic Throwbacks. For me, a throwback is a song/film/dance/etc. that was incredibly popular, but has since died down in popularity, perhaps even disappeared from your mind.  This means that any song that has stood the true test of time does not qualify–at least, not yet.  (For example, I will not be sharing anything by The Beatles as a ‘classic throwback’).  So, here it goes…

Hello my 90s babies! (And if you were not a minor in the 90s, I apologize for being young and naive.)

I have never listened to the radio as much as I did when I was ages nine to fifteen. My favorite station was Z 95.7, which has since passed away, and I tuned in every morning.  Coincidentally, I have not since heard pop music that has rivaled the amazingness that was taking over the airwaves back then (excluding the legendary Britney Spears, who continues to do no wrong while providing the world with superb pop music).  So, it always brings a smile to my face when I hear a song that I haven’t heard since middle school, when I was singing along with a group of my best friends, choreographing some really really bad dances, and sometimes even performing those dances in public (sorry, Mom).

And now it’s that time of the week–wait, day–wait, hour–minute??–when I just want to listen to some pop music and sing my heart out. (For the record, I do not do this as my neighbors would be less than pleased.)

Tonight’s Classic Throwback is Natalie Imbruglia’s hit single,Torn, which was released way back when in 1997!  Discovering this heartbreaking song again, I’m struck by how 1) I really did not understand what the song was actually about, and 2) It’s still awesome  (awesomely sad?) 15 years later!  Pleas tell me you remember it as fondly as I do!

Were you obsessed with this song as much as I was all those years ago?  What’s your favorite throwback song that you still listen to in times of need?

I’d love to hear your take on the music that you grew up on! Enjoy! And, if you have a roommate/ neighbors, try to contain your inner diva when you listen to to the song 😉


2 thoughts on “Can You Still Sing Along? Natalie Imbruglia ‘Torn’

  1. I SO can still sing along to this! And after revisiting the video, I’ll probably be doing it in my sleep tonight 🙂

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