This Is The Voice!

Confession: I love The Voice.

Here’s the thing, I’ve never really been a fan of reality competition shows—with the exception of So You Think You Can Dance (as far as I’m concerned, Alex Wong won season 6).  I admit, I’ve watched my fair share of ANTM marathons and, last summer, I got very emotionally involved in The Bachelorette, but, for the most part,  just can’t get into it.  I think it’s because I’m not patient enough.  I tried watching an episode of American Idol once and every time Ryan Seacrest took a long pause and cut to commercial, I wanted to change the channel.  But, there’s just something about The Voice that hooked me in.

When I saw a few blind auditions of the first season (which aired last summer), and watched how the four celebrity “coaches,” Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, and Christina Aguilera, bickered with each other and fought over contestants, I couldn’t stop watching.  It also didn’t hurt that almost all shows on TV go on hiatus over the summer and I needed something to fill my time—or it might have had something to do with the fact that I fell deeply in love with Blake Shelton.

The second season has been interesting so far,

and the fact that this is the second go-‘round definitely made the blind auditions more interesting.  The coaches seemed a bit more strategic in their picks, especially Xtina, who, I think, has the most talented, diverse team of the bunch (sorry, Cee Lo, but you lost your cred when you fought for the model who ‘doesn’t want to be judged on her looks’, Erin Martin). 

When the blind auditions were over, I was sure Xtina’s team was going to win, but now, I’m second guessing myself.  After this week’s episodes, we have now seen every remaining contestant perform on the battle rounds and live shows.  I hate the elimination rounds (battle and live performances), just because it feels like the show moves way too fast.  I wanted more Tony Vincent (Team Cee Lo), more Sera Hill (Team Christina), more Monique Benabou (Team Christina), more Justin Hopkins (Team Cee Lo), and more Whitney Myer (Team Adam).

Still, I am happy with a lot of the contestants who have survived this first round of eliminations.  I was extremely impressed with Ashley De La Rosa (Team Christina), who blew me away with both her first live performance and her elimination song.  I was worried that Christina was going to send her home, like she did last season with her younger contestants, and I am very happy that she didn’t.  I’m also very curious to see what Pip does next on the show; his blind audition was one of the best this season.

My other favorite is Jamar Rogers (Team Cee Lo); if Team Cee Lo actually takes the crown this year, it’ll be because of Jamar.  I fell in love with him at his blind audition, and, to this day, I cannot believe Cee Lo was the only coach who ‘turned his chair around’ for him.  Jamar is a great vocalist and a crazy energetic performer.  He is also adorable, and that smile could definitely take him all the way to the top.

Do any of you watch The Voice?  Who’s your favorite?  Are you a fan of the Adam/Blake bromance?


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