My life in “One Tree Hill”

One Tree Hill 2003-2012

It’s always sad when a first love comes to an end, and today, as I watched the series finale of One Tree Hill, it was no different.  My love affair with One Tree Hill began the night it premiered when my twin and I stayed up late watching TV because our parents were out for the night.  Had it been any other night, our parents would have sent us up to bed at 9 o’clock–we were only allowed to watch TV past 9 p.m. one night a week–and who knows when we would have discovered the saga of the Scott brothers.  As soon as that Gavin DeGraw song started, we were hooked.

Now, for those of you who also watched One Tree Hill that first season, chances are you also watched The O.C., which was also in its first season.  We decided that we would record OTH (on VHS, thank you very much) and watch it the next day so that we could watch The O.C. when it aired.  Of course, the power of the Scott brothers (and the hotness that is James Lafferty) didn’t really let us follow these rules.  And soon, we were watching both shows religiously every week.

OTH quickly became an obsession: we would record every episode and re-watch it countless times before the next new episode.  Later, it became my first experience with true fandom when I discovered fanfiction–yes, I even wrote some of my own. OTH was my first real love in TV.  It was the first show that I watched from the beginning, loved from the beginning, and followed to the very end.  It will always be one of my absolute favorite shows.

It’s been a good, solid nine seasons, full of backstabbing, love triangles (or a “love rhombus”), more drama, and too many near-deaths to count.  Oh, and basketball.  Add in a pretty great cast (who knew Stephen from Laguna Beach could act?) and you’ve got a hell of a show.  Not to mention, it’s construction is truly something to be admired.  Every show that takes place in high school should take notice of how OTH organized their seasons for maximum high school time (with every season being barely half of a year, instead of a full school year) and how they skipped the going-to-college obstacle all together with a time-jump.

So, thank you, Mark Schwahn, for giving me entertainment, joy, and inspiration.  This show has been a constant in my life for nine years, and I’ll never forget it.


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